Security Testimonials

Several years ago our company had a few thefts of material so we sought out recommendations for companies that provided security systems. One of those recommendations was for Engineered Security and Sound Inc.

I spoke with Jack Oulicky who promptly came out and put together a comprehensive plan that included cameras, alarms and a complete layout of the system and coverage points.

Jack and his company presented a competitive quote and system which we compared to several others but choose his based on the detail and cost.

The system was installed within budget and on time and accomplished all of our objectives.

We were so impressed with the workmanship and planning that we have since used them for data, phone, and sound as well as enhancements to our current system.

I highly recommend Engineered Security and Sound Inc. for their wide array of services.

Manny DeSantis


Valley Fastener Group LLC

The Reserve of Clarendon Hills

After many years of lightning strikes on our Security and Fire Reporting Service, and many dollars spent replacing expensive electronic reporting panels, ESS suggested that our community consider a fiber-optic network that was essentially lightning-proof. Jack Oulicky personally arranged for a team of professionals to change out all the Fire Reporting Panels and to connect them with fiber. Jack and John Love coordinated with the directional driller for the project, supervised its operation, installed all the panels, connected all the fiber junction boxes and secured local fire department approvals. The system went on-line without issue. The Reserve of Clarendon Hills has benefitted from ESS’s knowledge, creative solutions and their practical implementation, resulting in 3 years of uninterrupted fire alarm services and no expensive panel replacements. We continue to rely on ESS for testing and maintenance.