Sound and Paging

Sound Masking

We have forty years of experience in the design and implementation of masking systems for open office environments. The technology has changed greatly over the years but the purpose remains the same and that is to provide a high degree of speech privacy. Maintaining speech privacy is proven to provide less distraction to personnel in adjacent cubicles, ultimately increasing employee efficiency. Our systems are designed so that speakers are above the ceiling plenum, preferably aimed upwards so that the noise generated reflects off the ceiling plenum and is reflected downward into the office space after being diffused by the ceiling tile. Proper zoning, sufficient quantity of speakers and digital signal processing allow a smooth effective noise curve to be achieved.

Paging Systems

We custom design and furnish turn-key single or multiple zone paging systems to suit a wide variety of customer environments from noisy factories to office settings. The products we use have proven reliability and are application specific for the customer’s needs.

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