Clock – Intercom

Engineered Security and Sound, Inc. offers both clock and intercom systems.


We offer timepieces ranging from simple quartz clocks, IP Clock Systems, GPS systems (synchronized to UTC within 1 microsecond anywhere on the globe), as well as everything in between. Contact us at 630-876-8853 for more information. Our clock offering includes models compatible with existing building clock system wiring. Our products include:

  • BCAL-2 Series Wireless Analog Clocks
  • BCBL 1000 Series Wireless Digital Clocks
  • BCMA Series Wireless Master Clock
  • BCMA 1000 Series Wireless Repeater
  • 2-Wire Digital Communication
  • RS485 Communication
  • Synchronous (Sync-Wire) Communication
  • BCAM Series Wired Analog Clock
  • BCRM Series RS485 Wired Analog Clock
  • BCBD 1000 Series Wired Digital Clock
  • BCBD 2000 Series Digital Master Clock
  • BCAP Series Analog IP Clocks
  • BCBP Series Digital IP Clocks
  • BCMA 2000 Series Master Clock
  • BCMA 3000 Series Master Clock

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Bogen’s IP Clock System is the perfect choice for a modern, state-of-the-art system with accurate
timekeeping. Utilizing the Power over Ethernet protocol, each clock can receive power and data
directly from an Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for excess wiring.

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School Communication Intercom Systems

We are the authorized dealer for Bogen commercial sound products and are certified in the design and repair of Bogen Multicom 2000 and Quantum Institutional products. Bogen is a leading manufacturer of Intercom, Paging and Master Clock controlled systems specifically designed for schools.

Economical product for smaller schools up to 50 classrooms. The Bogen PI35A is an executive communications console completely designed to meet high power paging and intercom requirements.

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Microprocessor controlled product for larger schools up to 240 classrooms. The Bogen Multicom-2000 Administrative Communication System is designed for the needs of schools, and other institutional and industrial facilities.

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Microprocessor controlled product networking for entire school districts. Bogen’s Quantum Multicom IP is a comprehensive communications network that connects administrative areas and staff locations in a single building, in multiple building sites throughout a school campus, or an entire school district.

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