Mass Notification

Engineered Security and Sound can provide Mass Notification Systems (MNS) in a variety of ways. Siemens offers their Cerberus Pro line of fire alarm panels with emergency voice communication. Through software, we can automatically control what prerecorded messages get played to what sections of the building or buildings. In addition, first responders can use the paging microphone to direct specific instructions where and when they are needed. Cerberus Pro also offers the only MNS system where an emergency can take priority over the fire alarm. There are some events where it is safer to stay in the building than evacuate. =With Cerberus Pro, you have that choice.

For classroom or outdoor MNS systems, Bogen Communications has systems that are extremely flexible. Bogen can supply any combination of high-power voice announcements, hands-free 2-way communications, telephones or call buttons for up to 16,000 locations on a campus. Bogen provides speakers to cover all campus environments— indoors, outdoors, to a single classroom or over vast areas. Bogen provides systems for outgoing wide-area public address or hands-free, 2-way communication to a specific area. Bogen can enhance communications capability by providing call buttons that signal to security locations when assistance is needed and positively identify the origination point. Bogen systems provide selectivity and identification of locations down to the specific building, floor, classroom, or individual dorm room. Bogen systems are deployable in many different ways to fit the needs of the facility. Choose from copper hard- wired system for ultra reliability or network-enabled systems for quick installation and flexibility.

Whatever your facility or campus requires, call Engineered Security at 630-876-8853 and let us help you design a system to help protect the lives of your building occupants.